Home page of Terry O’Grady


This is my home page.  At the moment this is being developed, it will include obviously a lot of family things.

I would like for viewers of my site to please have a look at Peter’s Page , you can click on the link here or go from the menu above, where there are drop down menus. There you will see all about the atrocities that Peter had to endure at Singleton Hospital, Swansea,  the three different apologies sent to me by the ABMU, and Links to various Media articles and interviews etc.  As far as I know to this date the Consultant and young doctor and the staff at ward 6 at this Hospital who caused the terrible things to happen to my brother are still employed there.  I have named and shamed these people and shown to the general public what went on at this Hospital, and how their negligence and poor care led to the death of my brother.

This link is to my Wix Website, Please click on “WIX WEBSITE” to enter this new Website that I’m building, it is going to be quite awsome.